Saturday, January 05, 2008

As you can see from the above photo, things are keeping pretty quiet here in my part of the world. I personally feel NYE is over rated, and am well past having the "drunks" maul me at 12.01. I didn't welcome the new year till 6am, and it felt like any other and steamy!

We're enjoying some time off, catching up on some movies....dvd's...books.....and of course, water. We are off for a week away further north of here, should be bliss to do absolutely zilch and be pampered. I must remember to pack the trusty camera for some "happy snaps"!

I wonder what the new year has install for us? For me, well i need to get serious about changing jobs. I have had enough of my boss, and my negative attitude towards her and the boards incompetence was/is beginning to manifest into other areas. It's not good for me to be like that, or, for me to be like that around my clients. Sadly, my firm has lost sight of what it actually stood for, preferring to raise its profile and concentrate on the all mighty dollar. One positive that did come out of the last 6 months, is that mine ( and others) client base has fallen, meaning either very little reporting OR which i suspect is the real reason, a lower rate of sexual assaults.
However, it is the "silly season" and school holidays, traditionally reporting rates in December- to February are our highest for the year..........uncle johnny or step daddy peter have few too many drinky poo's and assume its their god given right to feel up their nieces skirts.
2008 should also see many offenders face court here in Oz and the USA on charges re cyber porn and morphing. I have lost count of how many millions of childrens photos and videos Australian Federal Police and Interpol have confiscated, last count was up to 5 million. I know i am sick to death of seeing photo evidence in court. If there is one message i can push home to careful who you let view photos of your kids on line. I would hate to think i have seen your kid in a compromising position being the source of joy to some fithy peadophile ring.

So, i am finally making my way round to you all, catching up on all your news. What interesting lives we all live :o) I have noticed however, i am not the only one to slow down with the blogging, many of you have also sucumbed to work pressures and life, with some having 6 months between posts!!

I do wish you all, great health and happiness for 2008, may it bestow wonderful things :o)


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