Thursday, February 07, 2008

AWOL but returned!

Life has seen me absent from the blogging world for well over a week. Finally i am getting some time to make up for my going AWOL. So, whats been happening in my world??

# After having 5 weeks off work, i resumed back inside the court room as of last week. After 5 weeks off you'd think i would have felt rested and at peace.....................right!!

# University studies resume in 2 weeks time. Half of me is looking forward to getting back into it, the other half is pissed off knowing it will be back to reading academic literature instead of the novels of my choice.

# My precious 12 yold began her first year of High School last week. After trying to convince me that home schooling would be preferable than having to spend the next 5 years in a foreign class room, with feral kids that look like they've just left the set of an American gangster movie, her first week has been a reasonably satisfactory experience for her! As for me, if i survive these next 5 years without having to take perscription will be a miracle!

#I bought myself a new laptop. I gave my old one to "A", figuring she'd need it for school. It wasn't the laptop i really wanted.....i'd love an APPLE ibook..........but it will do as a second computer for me.

# I have begun writing bits and pieces on the book i hope to publish. I am still debating whether or not to tell my boss i'm writing it. Permission has been given by those whom i hope to utilise and thats the main thing.

# I had a job interview this week. I forgot just how nerve wracking they can be. I believe i performed quite well, however given that i don't have an education ( teaching ) background, i feel as though i probably will miss out on this particular position. I'm not upset over it, it is 25 hours a week where as i would prefer a little less as i would like to remain in the position i already hold.....just work a lot less in it.

So my friends, what have you all been up to??


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