Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008, One of the Coldest on Record

So what happened to all the diatribe scientists such as Tim Flannery espoused last year? What was it again? Oh yes.......Sydney would have no water by the end of 2008.......Adeliade none by the end of 2009........Melbourne, the same. Antarctica no ice within a couple of years, the Barrier Reef would suffer the worst coral bleaching in years......blah blah blah......heard it all before.

So, all the dams are up, Antarctica has 10 % more ice than 2007, and as Ben Cropp has mentioned, the reef looks spectacular!!

I vowed to keep an open mind on the global warming front, although after reading Al Gore's rubbish, i began to doubt certain predictions and remain skeptical.


Blogger Lee said...

Not our dams, they are not! Lowest on record. Sniff! (Graph)

3:46 PM  

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