Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Humming along.....

Hi there, well at some stage last week i had a sudden wave come over me. It was calming and peaceful, like a sense of completion. Its been very quiet around the courts for me these last few months. Infact, this year has been the lowest with regards to client referrals = sexual offences against kids are down in this town in the last 6 years; a great way to get put out of business!! In all seriousness, its very encouraging, and i believe the amount of "computer" related offences in the past, being picked up, and convicted ( harshly ) has been a big contributor.

I'm in a spin about the latest crime fighting tool ( their thoughts, sure as hell not mine) the Victorian police are utilising as a weapon against grog fuelled violence outside and inside, of nightclubs. Recently the amount of "glassings" and stabbings in Victoria have risen, mostly around nightclubs. Indeed, something needs to be done, action taken to prevent this kind of crime occuring. We know booze is the fuel thats behind it, lets do something about that, thats the bloody key, not adopting 5 "Hummers", arming it with a bunch of cops hanging off the side, driving it around the city of Melbourne's streets with the intention of making nightclub patrons aware that if you assault someone, you'll be greeted by a bunch of tactical response cops.
Hummers are built for wars, their sheer stature and size is intimidating, the public don't need "art imitating life". Why not spend the dollars on more police on the beat in around nightclubs or more patrol cars, education, earlier closing hours, harsher sentencing ( although i'm not too sure that would work either) let those that commit the crimes work in a morgue, attend fatal car accidents.
Lose the damn hummers Victoria, you'll only breed a war like mentality amongst the thugs.


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