Monday, February 25, 2008

History in the Making

Well, it appears the US will make history this coming November when it elects its new President. There is no point comparing the Australian process with the American, its like comparing apples and oranges, its the key outcome we are interested in.
I'm a Hilary girl, however if she loses out in Texas and i think Ohio ( correct me if i'm wrong), then its all over for her. I have seen a number of interviews with Obama, one in particular involved him talking about Australia..........what he had to say was not favorable. Whether this was because our new Prime Minister had not been elected at the time, and he was referring to policies of Howard, i'm not too sure, but i found him to be rude, arrogant and quite dim when it comes to Australian knowledge. Australia has always enjoyed a cordial relationship with the States, i can only hope this continues if he is elected.
I have to wonder though, just how much influence does Oprah have over this man??


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