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Audit of 2008

Upon my blog revamp, i mentioned i'd fill you in on whats prevented me from re entering the blogging world. The first 6 months of 2008 went very quickly and smoothly, and life was extremely busy, however the final 6 months were truamatic much of the time. Work was managable, although problematic at times, "A" began High School, no dramas there, however a " getting used to" period was experienced, as was a huge turnover of teachers in the Social Science (SOSE) area, in all, i think she ended up with 5 different teachers, none of whom she really liked. Even so, she had a brilliant first year academically wise (won the Year 8 Silver Medals for maths and science), and found a new sport to enjoy ( much to her fathers delight ) Soccer!!
July saw me ome done with a case of Occipital Neuraligia ........in a word.....painful :( Constant headache and neck pain for around 2 months. I'm still astounded at my liver, why it hasn't imploded with all the advil and paracetmol i ingested over those 8 weeks, i will never know.
So finally, i became well, only to roll into October where some bastard hit my car whilst i was shopping, and left no insurance details......fuckers! I've still not got around to having my bonnet replaced, i will eventually.....i just loahe all the insurance paperwork :(
November, the shit hit the fan so to speak. "A" was at the local University attending some 'girls in science" seminar, her teacher rang me and said she wasn't well, could i come collect her? Upon arrival, i learned she had a headache, and had thrown up. I took her home, gave her a couple of advil, 2 hours later it was like nothing had happened. I made an appointment with my GP a few days later, just to be on the safe side. A full examination, nothing could be found, Dr was none the wiser.............till........she happend to notice that my mother had had an anuerysm and my mothers aunt had also had one. Alarm bells sounded........intrafamil anuerysm :(
My mother had hers 12 years ago, it burst one evening, she was in a coma many months,quite frankly lucky not to be dead. As a consequence, at the age of 68, she has short term memory loss, could never contemplate living on her own, she's frail...weak, and her vision is not good. Her aunt had one, years ago, it burst also, but she came through it much better and lived a pretty normal life for years later. Anyhow, my mothers neurosurgen told my mother to make sure myself and my brother, also my mothers brother and kids, have an MRI to make sure we don't have one. I never bothered, i figured i couldn't trust my mother at the best of times to feed me correct information, there's no way this could be correct, besides MRI's in my town 12 years ago, were over a thousand dollars, and no money back from Medicare. So, now we come to "A". The Dr recommended she have an MRI to make sure she doesn't have one, as sudden onset of headache with vomiting is one of the signs. Well, i suck at the best times in a crisis when it involves family, this was no exception, i was a mess. To make it worse, i didn't show any emotion in front of "A", so as not to panic her, i kept it inside. I made an appointment at the local hospital, we had to wait 2 weeks before she could be seen!! So for 2 weeks, all i had in my head werea bunch of different scenarios........poor kid is walking around with a hand grenade in her head, please don't go off in that 2 weeks, if she does have one, we'll never get an appointment with a nuerosurgen within 6 months, which means we'll have to go to Brisbane for treatment. Then there's the fact that being a kid, theres more chance of her having problems with the operation than actually just leaving the bloody thing alone!! If she does have one, crap, that means i will probably have one!! Fuck.....what does that mean for us??? I was a mess. A raving mess to be more precise. I'd drop her off at school, and cry all the way home or to my office, eveyday for 2 weeks. So, the day finally came, and she was a star :) didn't get claustraphobic, and was out within 20 mins. I paid the front counter their $$$, and was told the results would take 2 days, they'd call when ready. *SIGH*, another 2 days of torture. I dropped "A" off the following day at school, and turned my phone on, to find a message from the hospital.......results are ready to be collected. I raced home, grabbed what i needed, and off i went, crying all the way to the hospital. I pulled myself together enough to collect the images and get back to the car. I said a few prayers, made a few deals with god, took a deep breath and opened the envelope.
"Childs brain is normal to that of a child this age", no lesions, no.....no......no.....nothing!!!!
So then the tears began again!! We're still none the wiser as to what caused the headache and vomiting, but at least we know my baby has a clear head :o) her mother on the other hand.....well, i am trying to manage my anxiety....its always been there, however it gets extremely bad when anything to do with family and friends is concerned, so i must learn to manage it, because "A" is now a teen, and i have to get through the driving and boys!!


Blogger Meow (aka Connie) said...

Oh ... My ... God, Michelle, what a horrible time you must have had worrying about "A" ... that sounds horrendous. Isn't it bizarre, though, how we automatically think the worst !! I am so happy that she is well, but I totally understand how you feel. When Chicky was starting to develop, she told me she had a lump in her breast ... no boobs, just a little pea lump !! I totally went into a panic, got her a doctor's appointment, yadda, yadda, yadda ... only to find out it is normal breast development !!! I already had her dead and buried, though ... that's how paranoid I get !! So, dear Michelle, I can imagine how you felt during that time ... terrible.
Oh, enjoy the teen-ness of "A" ... it's certainly a challenge. Chicky turns 15 in April ... boys are in her head, and she is in the boys heads !!! It's scary.
Take care, hugs to you all xxx

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