Thursday, February 10, 2005

On the Lighter Side!!!!!

A multi-talented Zimbabwean international athlete who has won several awards in regional competitions as a female athlete has been arrested after it was discovered that he is a man.Samukeliso Sithole, 17, was arrested last week after a female friend who had undressed in full view of the athlete found out that he was a male.
The friend lodged a complaint with the police and Sithole was arrested for alleged impersonation and offensive behaviour.

Sithole however insists that he is a woman, even though a medical doctor has confirmed that he is a man.
He told the court that he was born with both male and female organs and a traditional healer gave him herbs that helped him become 100 percent woman.
Because his parents neglected to pay the traditional healer his full fees, his male organs recently grew back, Sithole said.
In recent years, Sithole has taken part in international youth athletic events such as hurdles, javelin, shot putt and triple jumping.
In June last year, he won a gold medal for Zimbabwe at a regional athletics tournament in Botswana where he competed as a woman.
He also scooped up five medals in Mauritius last year.
He has been ordered to return to court on March 3 for another hearing.


Blogger Jack the blogger said...

He is just an "h" away from being "shithole". Even though 'sithole" is funny I think "shithole' would be funnier. Maybe he could change his name. Then if "shithole" was arrested for offensive behaviour nobody would be surprized. If sithole is a little confused about his/her gender, well that is almost to be expected with a name like that I'm thinking he/she is just trying to figure out where to sit and/or shit. Maybe in a hole? Either man or woman I'm sure that sithole will be taking it up the shithole unless he/she doesn't know his/her ass from a hole in the ground.

2:09 AM  
Blogger No_Newz said...

I read shithole through the whole story and laughed. Also I hope that my bill collectors never add a penis to me for lack of payment. Although, when people told me to go f*ck myself, I could take them literally. ;)
Lois Lane
P.S. thanks for being a loyal reader of my blog.
P.S.S. sorry if this posts twice Blogger got mad at me!

3:00 AM  
Blogger Bookfraud said...

I saw this in the paper today -- it reminded me of a date I had a few years ago. Never mind.

What does it mean to be arrested for "offensive behavior"? If that were a crime where I live, half the folks would be in jail.

1:41 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Jack ~ I'd have been so disappointed if you'd not responded in the way i have become accustomed to....heh :)

Lois ~ Roflmfaooooooooooooo....i swear your a one woman show! No thanks needed btw, its my absolute pleasure to read every word you write :o)

BF ~ heh..i remember an incident in the 80's when a friend of mine went home in a taxi with a girl/guy,,,,got the fright of his life..heehehehe.
btw, offensive behaviour classification includes things such as....peeing in a public place.....spitting etc.

4:17 PM  
Blogger Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

Great title Michelle, especially if HE had had his testicles removed, like that other bizarre news item...(the bet the guy came clean on...)
I'm laughing, or should I say quacking so hard at Jack's comment. The type of awards that I think of for this guy in the news would freeze his ASSets.- Bookfraud: LOL!

8:54 PM  

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