Tuesday, April 26, 2005


In Australia over the last 12 months some controvesy has arisen over a childrens tv show geared towards the 2 to 6 yolds. One episode contained footage of a child having a day out with her parents....2 women. There was much to be said about this episode by the media, religous groups social scientists etc.
Despite their innocent-sounding titles, The Rainbow Cubby House and Koalas on Parade were promoting, among children as young as seven and eight, a premature acceptance of same-sex marriages in school libraries. The books, which are still available to schools, refer to "my mums" and to "Jed coming over with his two dads".
I read with interest in one of our papers, that some politicians are trying to change policy as to what books are allowable in school libraries. Also, religous groups have also been quite vocal since this has become public.
So what's your view? Should we allow these books? Is it promoting same sex couples?


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