Saturday, November 12, 2005

Saturday Suffering

Well, here i am slumming it on my laptop as my desktop is being re formatted/upgraded/newbied etc... I shouldn't say slumming it, this laptop is virtually brand new and i only use it for work. Problem is the keyboard. I hate laptop keyboards. I think its the flat surface,my nails are long and i find typing quickly on here a chore. Drives me crazy. Oh well, weasel computer tech should hace it back to me in a few days time, so looks like i will have to get used to this.
Weather is a scorcher......must be 34C, and yes i still have NO airconditioning :(, still waiting on parts to arrive. Sure, we do get a bit of a sea breeze, but there are quite few trees around that block much of it.
Last night i took "A" to the school fair. She had a blast with her little friends, they were all running round very excited,went on numerous rides,ate junk food and were generally kids! We spent 5 hours there, my goodness, time went so quickly. We were both so very tired when we got home, and "A" tried to weasel her way out of having a shower but to no avail...nasty mum! By the time she collapsed into bed it was near 11pm, and she still wanted a bedtime story! I think 2 mins into it she fell asleep,and i remember sleep walking back to my bedroom! We're both suffering today, she is a real lemon, i can't look at her sideways without her snapping at me, and of course she's spent the day complaining how board she is and how we have no food in the house!
LOL, the part about the food is right. i anticipated a short day in court yesterday, just going over client statements and interviewing all the clients ............5 young teenage girls. I had thought i'd o some food shopping on the way to pick up "A" from school, saving going back into town today. WRONG!
Some of you may remember this case. I have always maintained that these girls set this young man up, if not set him up, the bull shitted about it all, via jealousy. We wanted to get to the bottom of it. Never in my life have i met such self centred teens. Ages ranged from 13 to 16.
One girl took delight in telling me she's been thrown out of every high school here, how she dumped her boyfriend the day prior, who btw has only 2 months to live because of an enlarged heart.....oh yeah, he's 23! I mentioned to her to cease telling me this as i'd make sure she's have yet another appearance in court. "Oh, but i don't sleep with him"........"yeah right princess,like i fell off the turnip truck yesterday'! Same girl proceeded to tell me how she also does "self harm"...showed me her forearm....cuts all up it. Tells me about her violent family. Another girl wanted money for giving evidence! LOL, yeah honey like that's going to happen. Another started crying, "Why is this taking so long, i am so tired, i went out with friends and with my boyfriend last night and didn't go to bed till 3 am...i need my sleep. Of course i deliberately left her till last to be interviewed! Then the mother of 2 of the girls roll up..........pissed to the eyeballs, she's been at a bar for lunch and decided to down a keg or 2! Trust me, theres a million more stories where these girls and their families are concerned, however i will share then with you another time :O)

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