Monday, May 15, 2006

Group Photo

Iwonder which one is the mum in this photo? The little guys sure do make a racket, especially when it's raining.
Well, it's my Monday, and i guess you're all going to bed now after celebrating Mother's Day. I trust you all had a super special day :o)
I had a relaxing day. I was awoken by a smiling face bouncing on my bed, along with kisses and hugs. "A" chose some great gifts at school, 2 handmade necklaces and a pair of earrings. "A" also made my Mothers Day card herself, she had to interpret it as she had written it in Indonesian LOL .....i guess she decided to practice on me!!!
We headed off into town to the markets for breakfast and some browsing. It was a rainy kind of day, hence no photos this time.
We strolled the markets, our jaws dropping to the ground after seeing the price of bananas...$10 a kilo...........yikes, thanks to cyclone Larry. I better be careful my banana trees don't get raided!
We bought some yummy fresh veggies, home made cake, and i bought us some books in the, cute little bookshop. "A" is reading my old Nancy Drew books and has just about finished the last one, so we found some comic style ones in this bookshop for her.
We stopped in at the dvd hire store on the way home, to return and hire a few more; So i spent the afternoon sipping fresh coffee and watching The Constant Gardener. All in all, a great Mothers Day :o)

till next time, Michelle.


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