Saturday, May 13, 2006

Young Mums

My bed time, i am so looking forward to my head hitting that pillow. A few showers outside, so i will enjoy nodding off listening to the rain :o)
Before i do hit the sack i wanted to share with you and of course ask your opinions, whatever they may be, on a piece of news i learned about today.
In a few weeks time, a young girl in the UK is about to give birth. The girl fell pregnant at 11 yold, she will be 12 when she gives birth. The very brief interview i saw, her mother aged 34, was very happy and excited for her daughter and was looking forward to being a grandmother.
The girl still has contact with the 15 yold father, and the girl herself, can't wait to have her baby, to be a mother and have a baby is all she wants.
My opinion, i have all different thoughts. Geeez. "A" is 11 in December, i look at her, how innocent she is, even though she's growing up, she's clever but she still loves a cuddle from me.......loves to do girl stuff, and generally have fun. I could never even imagine her looking after a baby.
I remember years ago, i visited a friend in hospital, she'd had her baby and in the bed next to her was a young girl heavily pregnant playing with barbie heart broke when i discovered she was only 12.
As i said, i have different thoughts on this, one question keeps coming up, that is if the mother of the pregnant girl knew she was haing sex OR that she knew the girl had a boyfriend, wouldn't contraception be a hot topic? I am glad the kid has a place to go, and that her mother is supportive, but having a baby hurts like hell!!! That pain is something i wouldn't wish on my child. I still have lots of thoughts on this one. Share yours :o)

till next time, Michelle.


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