Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tattoo You?

Today sees me at war with Blogger yet again! Hopefully it's a war i can win today.
Life is keeping me busy at the moment. My weekend was one of relaxation however, something i am in desperate need of. "A" and i took the time to stop in at our favorite coffee shop where i indulged in my usual caramel latte and she in her iced chocolate, of course accompanied with some delicious banana bread :o)
Whilst out and about we got to talking about the weather, how nice it is these days as the weather is cooling down quite a bit. "A" asked if i'd knit her a scarf for school, so we found some wonderful cashmere wool that was reasonably cheap, and i am nearly half way done!
Back at work yesterday though. I was in court for a bit and decided to go oever the road for an early lunch. I grabbed a coffee and sat outside and was sorting through some files. I took a break, and was watching the people go by. Now remember, i'm sitting right opposite the courts, and i'm in the city so it's busy. One thing became quite apparent. Women..............women with tattoos!! What is this people? I am living in a city full of women with tatoos!!! I made it my business to check out all the women that walked by me, and those that came out of the coffee shop. Tatoos on their ankles.....upper arms........small of their back, and they were the ones i saw!! How did this fad escape me? I had no idea women in my town were adorning themselves with ink! Lordy, all i can think of is that post i had a few weeks back with that old woman, my god my eyes were scarred for days! I dunno, tatts may look ok whilst we're young, but people we age, gravity takes over. I don't want tatts on my tits when i'm 80....ewwwww!!
Ladies, help me out here, what do you think?? Fellas, do you want to look at shrivelled up tatts??

till next time, Michelle.


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