Monday, May 29, 2006

To breed or not to breed?

Time to test the ol brain matter again folks. I'm interested in hearing your opinions/comments on this new legislation a few State governments are thinking of passing here down under.
At the present time, prisoners serving 10 years plus, have been allowed to have their sperm/eggs frozen in anticipation of them being released and starting/continuing a family. Now please bear in mind, i'm only providing information to you as i know it, i may be missing some minor details ie...may have to serve 15 years before you can have the ok to do it etc..
Also remember, the ration of women to men who are serving 10 years plus is hugely towards men.
The legislation wanting to be passed is that the govt want to remove this right or privilidge depending how you see it from the prisoners. The govt say, too bad too sad, you commit the crime tough, you have no rights.
As this is rather a new revalation, i've had not too much feedback from people on their opinions.
The buzz around my co workers pretty much leans to the unfair on prisoners behalf. Which may i add is my opinion. Before anyone offers the suggestion that "it's a good thing, because we don't want to breed criminals", let me tell you categorically There is NO set gene that creates criminals. Factors may certainly pre dispose you to criminality, but NO gene does.
So my friends, is the governement being too harsh?? Do they have the right to decide whether or not prisoners have this right?

till next time, Michelle.


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