Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I'm Here :o)

Above is what those in Europe are being asked; it's the newest catch phrase in tourism, here down under we're having a blast, "So where the bloody hell are you?!! It's the same question a few of you have emailed me with! I am here! I wish i could come up with some elaborate fairytale, alas for me it's been all work and no play. I spent the whole weekend working on a Philosophy paper due this week, i am nearly finished, i can see that finishing line at last, hopefully tomorrow afternoon i can email it to the Uni. I get to have a break on the weekend but second semester begins next Monday!!!
"A" had a super time today. It was "Under 8s" day at school, and she and the other grade 6s and 7s got to play "buddy" to the smaller kids. Basically they escort them from one activity to the other. It lasts for half a day, the kids do face painting, marble painting, clay modelling, fancy dress, make edible jewellery ("A"s fav)!! and a whole lot more activities. I was pleased to hear she had her pulse and heart beat taken by the paramedics at the ambulance display, and even more pleased to hear she had a blood alcohol reading of 0.00!!!
Of course i can't leave this post without picking your brains now can i?? Whilst downing my coffee this morning i was interested to hear on one of our news programs that State governments are thinking of introducing weighing children (pre school to grade 7) at school and shaming the parents into doing something about their kids weight.....obviously targeting the children who are overweight. Now, i have a real problem with this, and if allowed to really mull over it, i bet i can come up with more. Firstly, i agree, it is the parents responsibility, no doubt in my mind. I feel by weighing the kids at school though will create more problems. I have visions of girls "OOOooo, it's coming up to weigh in week, i bet i can lose more weight than you", Oooooo weigh in weeks not too far away, i won't eat for a few days". Women and girls have a difficult time of it as it is with the pressures put upon them, let alone a 7 yold girl having to face scales.
I also can envisage problems with teasing or bullying those who are overweight, imagine an overweight kid putting weight on again in front his peers......shame and embarrasment. Even the thought of jumping on a set of scales would make some kids feel embarrassed. Surely schools can recognise if a kid is overweight without having to weigh them!!! I'm sure there are more issues with this than i have mentioned, but i throw it open to you all....do you agree......disagree.....i'd love to hear.
Have a super week :o)

till next time, Michelle.


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