Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Boss Boss, The plane, the plane!!

Out of the blue yesterday afternoon, i had a knock at my front door. I went to open it, and to my surprise it was a very good friend and her daughter. My friend and her hubby used to live just around the corner from me here. Both our girls are the same age, and grew up being beach babes together! Sadly, the family were forced to move because of work commitments; both husband and wife are marine biologists and both at the time, were half way through studying for their PHD's.
Well it's graduation time for both, the girls had not seen each other for 5 years! I explained i had to go pick "A" from school and we decided to rendevous down the beach, just like old times, later on in the afternoon. "A" was very excited to see her little friend, at first both girls were a bit stand offish, but it didn't take long before it just like being transported back 5 years ago.
Whilst we were catching up, walking along the beach, the above plane was heading towards us!
It was moving slow along the coast line, getting lower and lower! It didn't appear to be in trouble, and we all stood fixated, wondering why on earth a plane would be landing on our beach at 5pm. The plane made a safe landing and an older man and woman jumped out! It turns out their destination was just over an hour further north, but it was getting dark and the pilot was not keen on flying at night, so they decided to land, and we were the lucky beach!
How about that, your own plane to take you to your destination!

till next time, Michelle.


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