Monday, May 15, 2006

Just How Much Is Too Much??

This is the question that's floating around in my head today.
After reading and watching many news programs over this last week, that contain footage of the rescued miners, i have serious issues that occupy my thoughts. Money. The root of all evil. Don't get me wrong, i believe these two miners deserve compensation...absolutely, without a doubt. However, 3 million dollars a piece??? They have their own agents now, whenever you see the pair of them at a fundrasing event or charity event for the town, or for the miner who sadly passed away, if they are approached by the media to answer questions about their ordeal, they immediately reply "How big is your chequebook"?? The 3 million dollar deal, sees them exclusively on Oprah and on American 60 minutes. They will also tell their story to an Australian womens magazine, and 2 Australian news programs. Anyone else who wants their story, will either miss out, or cough up the cash baby!
I have a real problem with the amount of cash bandied around here. If it were me, yep for sure i'd want to be compensated and i'd want my family to be compensated too. But 3 million dollars, i'm sorry that's just out right bloody greed. Someone try and convince me it's not.

till next time, Michelle.


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