Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Tagged AGAIN!

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Yes indeed yet another one!!

I AM ~ Sleepy, life's been bust lately.

I WANT ~ Someone to clean my house, scrub my floors and do the grocery shopping.

I WISH ~ There were more hours in the day.

I HATE ~ Arrogance and Liars

I MISS ~ Living in a State Capital

I HEAR ~ The television in 2 rooms!

I FEAR ~ Spiders and snakes

I WONDER ~ If i will pass the Philosophy subject i finshed today.

I REGRET ~ I have no regrets.

I AM NOT ~ Going to call back a client who originally told me to @#@# Off cause she was cooking her dinner!

I DANCE ~ Just like Elaine from Seinfeld!

I SING ~ Surprisingly well.

I CRY ~ Very easily...even in tv commercials!

I AM NOT ALWAYS ~ Tolerant as i should be.

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS ~ A tropical fish & coral cross stitich.

I WRITE ~ Papers for University

I CONFUSE ~ Very easily!

I NEED ~ A maid

I SHOULD ~ Have an early night.

I START ~ Book after book after that i have at least 10 on the go, and it takes me forever to finish them!

I FINISH ~ Cross stitich in record time.........sometimes!

I TAG ~ Cathy, Gary, Clare and PBS

till next time, Michelle.


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