Thursday, June 29, 2006


Thought i would share with you some highlights of a
a matter i have just finished with. It involved a 13 yold girl who was being blackmailed by a fellow she met on the Internet in a chat room.
The girl herself is a nice kid, however, lonely. This was due to a move of house and neighborhood. Also, the parents, whilst very nice people, were not too involved in their daughters life. In saying that, i'm talking about eating meals together......chatting about the days events and basically sharing an interest in what their kid's interests were etc.
Anyhow, the girl met a fellow in a chat room. He (as are so many) is a confidence trickster, they know exactly the right things to say. They don't launch automatically into the topic of sex, they win these kids over, gain their confidence over a period of time. Anyhow, to cut a long story short, this girl eventually sent a few photos of herself to this guy. She also revealed a website where she kept photos of herself, friends etc.
Things became sour between them, and he decided to blackmail her. He had photos of her she'd sent him, also the photos off the site, he had digitally morphed them, so indeed it was her face and body, but the clothes she once was wearing.............were gone. In some photos, it was her face but she was made to look to be in compromising positions (clearly not her body). Extremely distraught, yet knowing her parents would never understand her chat room relationship, she turned to a friend from her old neighborhood for help. Thankfully, the friend contacted the police.
He was found guilty on various charges, and will be sentenced at a later date. I don't think the girl will be heading into any chat rooms any time soon.

For anyone who is concerned about their kids and chat rooms,blogs etc, there is a wonderful program called "Cyber Sitter". It would have to be the most comprehensive program i have seen when it comes to internet filtration.

till next time, Michelle.


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