Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Liveability Courts

Reading one of our Sunday papers, i came across an article about moves to introduce a "Neighbours Court", designed to hear disputes between neighbours, that are supposedly out of control in some suburbs.
Personally, i think this is a great idea, although, i'd much prefer to see the money spent on Childrens Court matters OR spent on crime prevention.
I had a neighbour over the road from me move away because of her next door neighbour. This woman played loud music 24/7, had violent parties where bottles would be thrown over our fences and her then 3yold daughter could be seen wandering the streets at all hours on her own. Of course the woman was approached by many of us to tone down her behaviour, she refused so my neighbour moved. The rest of us just called the cops continually, in the end, she was caught drunk driving and driving without a licence and was ultimately jailed. Upon release, she was forced to live in town near her job, so had to move away.....thankgoodness.
So this concept our Atty General wishes to introduce here, is based on the US "liveability court". Now as i understand it ( and i am relying on you guys to provide with information) this court hears cases to do with unkept yards, overgrown trees, junk in peoples yards,parking violations, noise and anti social behaviour. What i want to know is, does the court work there? Have you had any experience or heard of people having experiences with this court? I basically want to know if its successful?
Have a super Monday :o)

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