Sunday, June 18, 2006

Where Are You From?

Adifferent kind of "meme" today. One that i stole from
Lisa, i thought it was rather beautiful and unique, hope you do too :o)

I am from the ocean, the atolls and the warm sun.

I am from the Queenslander, cool in Summer, red cedar beams and terracotta tiles.

I am from the frangapani, the orchid and the Barrier Reef.

I am from the plum puddings and small noses, from Ian and Jean and the Clan Mc Donald.

I am from the workaholics and never say die.

I am from the "wait till your father gets home" and " bad luck".

I am from the Church of England and the Methodist.

I am from Melbourne and the Isle of Skye, i am from roast lamb and bread and butter puddings.

I am from my grandfather who went missing in action in Ambon in World War 2.

I am from Victoria, Queensland, Australia, and from Kilburnie, Ayrshire, Scotland, absolutely priceless.

So my friends, Where Do You Come From

till next time, Michelle.


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