Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sage Advice

Message for any teenage girl aged 13-17 who happens to be blog surfing and stumbles into here. This is the thing, if you're going to report being raped you need to make sure when it gets to court you don't treat the whole matter as one big joke. If you are unlucky enough to draw the short straw and end up with me, i will personally treat you as a joke! Questions like "Will i be paid to give evidence"?? "Will i see the "baddie"?? Will i be able to talk with the baddie"?? "How much money can i claim in criminal compensation"?? will be ignored. Laughing and carrying on and telling me how much you really love the baddie and now you've had time to think about it, and it's probaly not his fault, won't wash either. Telling me you fell asleep in a swimming pool and the baddie raped you.....i will laugh!
If you are a witness in a rape's the thing............YOU TURN UP TO COURT on the respective day. You don't when phoned about your whereabouts say...."oh yeah i forgot". you don't ask for money either! Don't waste the courts time moron!
It's dickheads like yourselves, that make a mockery of genuine rape victims . Rape takes away your dignity and respect, it's sure as hell no laughing matter, and scars many for life. Real rape victims at times are emotional wrecks, they don't find anything midly amusing with what has happened to them.

till next time, Michelle.


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