Friday, June 09, 2006

Type Casted

s it my imagination or has the blogworld been a wee bit slower than usual the last 2 weeks or so? I base this on the lack of some posting than normal. Perhaps we're all busier than normal; i know i certainly am.
Folks it's the end of the week here down under, and we move into a long weekend, Monday celebrates the Queens Birthday, which is really in April!!! Go figure!! Ahh well, we get a day off that's the main thing :o)
So my week has been a busy one. I have much going on in my head, purely work detailed of course. I need to ask you all a question. Work wise/career wise, have you ever put yourself in a position where you, for want of a better phrase "type cast"? That is, worked at something or had a job you felt you could do, and were very good at. workers...bosses etc, all thought you were fabulous at your job, you yourself were aware of just how effiecient, and well you performed BUT it was not really your chosen field. You tolerated the job, didn't hate it or dislike it, but just felt nothing? You had placed yourself in that situation because it was there at the time, and spent a number of years building a reputation at what you do, but knowing your heart lies in a different position? Then, one day a job offer comes along. Different company, better pay BUT the same kind of work, just in a different field. Well, that's what happened to me this week. I was offered a position in Family Law, not a field i'd be thrilled at working in. I'm not accepting the position mainly due to the hours and the fact i'd have to deal with kids and custody issues :(
It got me thinking though, bugger, i've type casted myself working with kids and families. The city i live is not a huge one, and working the criminal justice system, you deal with the same agencies all the time, so people get to know you and i guess you build a reputation. Heh, also working in criminal law, sadly many of the offenders and victims are repeat, so you get to know them quite well, and my boss likes to make surprise checks on me to make certain i'm doing my job far so complaints.
So i figure i have put myself in a position, that until i finish the rest of my degrees................if i choose to look for work elsewhere, i will end up working with kids and families again!! It's what i'm known for in this town. So, how the hell do i get out of this situation? If any of you have been in the same situation and been able to shift, please tell me how you did it!!

till next time, Michelle.


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