Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Mark of the Beast..errrr Snake!

Well, finally I am in a position to post something. Most of you know I am a huge campaigner of the 30 hour day, over the present 24. 30 would be perfect, I’d get 7 instead of 5 hrs sleep, and the other 4 hours I’d use constructively, achieving all of those things I struggle to achieve these days, including the eradication of………………..SNAKES!!
That’s right………SNAKES!! Yesterday down under was the 6.6.06, and my friends it certainly lived up to its name! In my house it appeared in the form of a SNAKE!
I spent most of the day running around like a maniac, trying to accomplish several tasks.
Prior leaving to collect “A” from school, I noticed my pussy was acting rather suspiciously. I watched from a distance as she appeared to be stalking “something”,( she loves to chase bugs and geckos) behind a cabinet downstairs in the rumpus room. “No way missy” I thought, and decided to pick her up and take her outside whilst I was gone. I opened the front door and put her outside, I turned around to grab my keys and purse……she ran back in again, and straight back down stairs!!! I knew I’d be late picking “A” up, so I left her inside to chase what I thought was a bug.
On arrival home I was expecting bits and pieces of furniture moved, but the pussy was sleeping on a chair downstairs.
I continued on with work in my office, “A” decided to do some homework in her room, then go outside and shoot some hoops. Before I knew it, it was 5.15, time to think about tidying up the house, and preparing dinner. I went into “A”s bedroom to pick up the usual pile of dirty school uniforms, as I turned to head out the door…………… my right, was a snakes head…..poking out of “A”s bookcase!!! OMG OMG!! In her bedroom! Where she had been for over half an hour!! F***!
I ran outside and told “A” to stay where she was. I went back inside and rang her dad to come save us!! Well, what a circus! I knew it wasn’t a deadly one, and by the size it was a juvenile, but a snake in my house…..has to be dead! I stood guard at “A”s door to make sure the snake was unable to go to any other part of the house and was contained in her room.
“A”s dad gutted her bedroom. Everything except the bed came out into the rumpus room.
“For gods sake be careful” I said to him! I really wanted to call the professional snake catchers or the RSPCA. He insisted he’d find it and catch it and take it outside. Well that’s when the arguing began, I wanted it dead………….he wanted to just let it go in the bush. After many tears, by myself and “A”, we won him over, although he wasn’t happy.
So, “A” and I stood upstairs and watched with anxious screams and tears!! I had already made my mind up that we’d sleep in the car if he couldn’t catch it!! No bloody way were we staying in a house with a snake on the loose!! “A”s dad went through all her toys…no snake! Looked in one bookcase, no snake! Looked all over her desk… snake! He decided it could only be in one place, a second bookcase. He asked me to help carry the bookcase outside………he was able to see the snake behind some books with a torch!!! Like bloody hell was I going to help him!! He managed to remove many books and was able to carry outside on his own. “A” and I watched from the glass doors inside. He removed the rest of the books, and THERE it was!!! He used a rake to get it off, and was in the process of picking up a brick to kill it, when it quickly slithered off into the neighbor’s yard! What a commotion!!
So, that was our eventful evening. I guess I should listen to my pussy next time before disregarding her to be a bug chaser! Never a dull moment here ;o)

till next time, Michelle.


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