Monday, June 12, 2006

It's the Weather

Iam laying blame with the change in the weather having something to do with me being "flu like" for the last few days. The sudden onset on Saturday, of chills and my body being frozen to bits, coupled with wanting to throw up, saw me bed ridden for a wee bit. Although i must say, i really do sabotage myself. Like a fool, instead of staying completely in bed, i kinda did 2 hrs in bed, an hour out, in rotating shifts! I am the worst patient in the world, i never sit still. I must admit i have had flu's in the past where they've been so bad, i have been bed ridden for days i was so sick. Lord help those who come near me, bugger off i say, and let me get rid of this.....then i will love you all again!
So, being unwell has kept computer usage to the minimum, hence me not stopping by. Blogger better be back to co operating, my "Butterfly" post did have accompanying dialogue, but the Blogger gremlins kept eating the bloody thing. In brief i will say that photo is NOT one of mine. Infact, we down under along with Antarctica, are the only two continents that do not have The Western Swallowtail butterfly. The photo itself accompanied an email an aussie friend of mine sent to me. She took the photo whilst staying in South Carolina, knowing how much i love butterfly's, she thought it would be a nice was "P" and i thank you!! I gather South Carolina must be a pretty awesome place to visit; she gave it a great wrap.
So whilst sick, and miserable, i managed to watch what i think would have to be Jennifer Aniston’s worst ever film...Rumor Has It. I managed to stay awake for the first 20 minutes, next thing i knew was "A" telling me it was a "crap movie mum, boring" Yeah right, no kidding!! A waste of a dollar! I also managed to watch an old Gary Bussey movie.... and that was pretty entertaining. Damn that guy is one ugly SOB but man he can act. I saw his son in something too the other day, geeez he looks like his dad!!!
Also whilst laying low, i managed to catch up on some Podcasting. I've been meaning to do it every Sunday now for the last 6 weeks, but something else has always taken over. Slumming it on dial up makes it a pain too, because downloading music and programs takes forever. I use itunes for my podcasts and music, I have tried another aussie music site but it was useless, and I wasted my money. My podcasts are free on itunes, and I like the easy to use interface that goes with it.
Well that’s about it from me. I plan on resting up again today, the wind outside is cyclonic and it has a huge wind chill factor. My weather pixie on here says its 16C; it is supposedly going to reach 24C. If you find some strange underwear in your backyard, it may be mine; I don’t think I have enough clothes pegs holding all the washing on the clothes line!
Enjoy your Sunday, shall be stopping by soon :o)

till next time, Michelle.


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