Thursday, June 15, 2006

No Flashing

traight out of "what the hell is this world coming to", i have just learned a number of our State Governments are considering banning photo taking at school eisteddfords (sp?) These school events occur quite frequently in my State, although "A"s school does not participate. The taking of photos at these things is huge. The reason why they are considering banning the photo taking is because of the renders the kids clothing see through = paedophiles in the audience taking the photos!
Now, every one of you knows my opinion of posting kids photos on the internet, even i can't believe this one. Not once in my career have i seen one photo taken by a baddie at an eisteddford, not one. Yet the amount of photos on the internet stolen and morphed.....millions. Seems to me there's just something not quite right here. Always something floating around that never ceases to amaze me, no wonder my head hurts!!

LOST is on tonight, the hatch is going crazy, looks like Locke is too!

till next time, Michelle.


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