Thursday, June 22, 2006

Nervous Passenger

On my way to pick "A" up from school this afternoon, my neighbor passed me on the road, she was heading home. "L" has a "bubble car", you know the type, the little Mazda 121 kind. Bubble car it may be, but "L" has a lead foot, and the car fly's along the road;this got me to thinking. I would have to be the most nervous passenger in the world. I never used to be. I was quite happy to sit next to my husband who would drive at redneck speeds and gather countless speeding tickets along the way.
I began trying to remember about the time i became a nervous passenger, but i can honestly say, i can't pin point a defining moment. I must have become one overnight, about 12 years ago.
I wonder what it signifies? That i'm a control freak perhaps? That i like to be in control? Well yeah, actually i do.....specially driving.
If i'm a passenger in someones car, i will hold on to the 'jesus" bar (i think it's to hang clothes from LOL,you know the one that just sits above the window near the roof of the car, i call it "the jesus bar" coz when we go round corners or drive too fast i can hold on to it and yell out "JESUS"!!!) and dig my feet into the floor, my knuckles go a great shade of white and i all of a sudden begin to feel rather ill.
Of course none of these things happen when i do the driving. I'm as happy as a clam, no "jesus bar" for me, i am in total relaxation, even at top speed.
Am i the only one who is a nervous passenger, or are there others out there just like me??

till next time, Michelle.


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