Monday, June 19, 2006

Another Week Begins......

Well the first day of the working week is drawing to a close soon. I trust you all had a great Fathers Day, and weekend. Fathers Day down under is not until September, so the dad's missed out this weekend gone.
My weekend went too quickly....why is that? We spent Saturday, cleaning up. "A" discovered her portable cd player had died and we were toying with the idea of replacing it with an mp3 player. I have one myself which i use for podcasting shows and music, it wasn't overly expensive, yet dear enough, i think i have seen them around for just under $40 so i think i will let her buy one with some of her pocket money, or should i say "bath money"..........don't ask!
Sunday, i put the pool heater on ( we have solar heating) and "A" went for a swim, whilst i cleaned the darn thing. She then spent the afternoon playing and watching dvd's and i had a few hours of much needed study.
We have school holidays beginning next week. "A" recieved her mid year school report today.
Of course i am a very proud mum, she recieved Commendations in every facet of school work.
A huge congratulations from the Principal, and a rather special comment from her teacher........
" A", is a very high achiever. She is an absolute pleasure to teach, with a bit of guidance, there is nothing "A" will not be able to achieve in her adult life." WOW!!! :o)
Each night when it's "A"s bedtime, i usually spend time with her chatting about the day's events and what's on the agenda for the following day before saying goodnight,last night was no different. She was watching the end of a tv show and i lay down next to her and studied her face.

Me ~~ "You are so beautiful".

"A" ~~ " Thankyou, you are beautiful too".

Me ~~ "Awww, thanks my love".

"A" ~~ "Your welcome, you're the most beautiful mum i know and i love you"!!

till next time, Michelle.


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