Sunday, June 25, 2006

Warning----Rant Ahead!

Thought i'd cool off steam before posting this rant, but it isn't working too well!
Yesterday must have been "Day of the Dickheads"! I swear, they were everywhere. "A" and i went into town to pay some bills and refill the pantry. The rudeness of by some people just continues to astound me. When the sign says "3 items or less", it means fu&*(^% 3!! Not 10, or 12.......3 ok. Read the sign people!
To the sales assistant in the pet store i was in buying my pussycat her catfood, honey, i wish i could have slapped you! As a former sales assisstant and dpt manager, let me give you some advice, if you wish to have customers return to your store, you don't make them wait for 15 minutes, and scream out to another sales assistant, whilst pointing and poking the customer you want he or she to serve!!! WRONG, ok it's WRONG!
Just because i'm not dressed in my work clothes, and am slothing around in my jeans and tshirt doesn't mean i'm less worthy of being served than the women who were all in fancy clothes waiting in line AFTER ME. And to you cows who gladly let yourselves be served before me......grow some manners!!
Ok rant over!

till next time, Michelle.


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