Sunday, July 02, 2006


Absolutely a glorious Winter day here in the tropics folks. Sun is beaming down, gentle breeze and it's bloody cold, 10C....must be around the 50 degree mark! A lonely sight to behold on a Wintery Sunday morning at 7am, i was rugged up to look like the Michelin man, not a pretty sight. It didn't take too long before the thoughts of hot coffee and a yummy breakfast began to invade my brain.
I love the beach here, i love the remoteness, the quiet. I like the fact i can leave my doors and windows open knowing the only creature to raid my home will be a snake, echidna, goanna or possum. Certainly, i could do without some of the people that live in this small seaside community , but i guess if i were to live in town i would have more people i could do without.
The category 5 cyclone to hit a couple of hundred kilometres away from here, that forced us to be evacuated in March, has been playing on my mind this last week. I remember at the time of it all, i decided that was it, i can't do this anymore, i can't live with the fear that it may be us next time. That this would be the last time, it was way too close, and upon being let back into the beach the morning after, heading straight down to the ocean.......watching those viscious waves pounding, the wind blowing...............just reinforced it all.
Seeing the devestation, day in and out for those who suffered the wrath, has taken a piece of me.....saddend me forever.
Nearly 4 months on, i see footage of the floods in Virginia and Pennsylvania........shocking. Brings it all back.
So now with cyclone season only another 4 months away, i'm wondering do i give up the beach i have lived at for the last 18 years, move into town where the destruction if it were to hit, may be a little less. Do i move further South where the threat will be zero, but suffer other possibilities of storms.....crime....etc. Decisions decisions decisions.

till next time, Michelle.


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