Thursday, July 06, 2006

Freaks & Lurkers

Must be something in the Bloggersphere water this last week. It appears quite a few blogging friends, myself included, have been targeted by freaks that claim to know all about our personalities and lives, all from reading a post or two. Either that or they have their very own "medium" thing happening.
Funny, i have spent around 2 1/2 years blogging, and in that time have encounted around 2 freaks. Yet, in the last week, that tally has risen to 5! The only thing better than receiving emails from Nigeria, are emails from freaks, telling me what lousy mother and human being i am. How, they pity me and the life i lead and my pent up anger. LOL, i got to tell you, i pity me too. Damn i lead a crap life. I have no friends, this must be to do with all the anger i espouse! I really am pathetic! You know the sad thing. You freaks that have harrassed me this week, i have payed a visit to your blogs also, and if you think i have a problem, let me tell you, your problems outweigh mine 100 fold! It's so very obvious, you have pathetic little lives, and choose to spend your days harrassing others as you clearly have nothing else to fulfill yourself with.
I pity you.
Ok, ow that i have given you "air time", let me move on :o)
Lurkers, yes you! You, that kindly stop by on a regualr basis to perhaps enjoy a photo, to read what happens to be consuming my head/life, can you please say "hello"! I'd really love to know how many of you are out there. I know for some commenting isn't their thing, and that's fine. Still, i would like to be able to thank you for stopping by on a regular basis, so please say "G'Day"!

till next time, Michelle.


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