Sunday, July 09, 2006

Shine On

ell, it's Sunday here down under. A rather busy few weeks have been had, with "A" on school holidays and myself attempting to juggle University papers that are due shortly, work and of course making sure "A" does not suffer the boredom blues! The 2 weeks have passed very quick, and we've managed to pack a number of activities, movies and friends all into 14 days. Pirates of the Carribean 2, was a definate crowd pleaser. I think it's one we could watch a number of times and still find things we'd missed, it was so full on. So it's back to school on Tuesday for the fairy princess, i know she secretly can't wait to get back there! Then it's all systems go for me. I am over 2 weeks behind in Uni work and i have a pile of client files that need attention. This afternoon i have to spend reviewing a fellow students essay on the murder of James Bulger ( the toddler that was so tragically murdered by the 2 British 10 yold boys) more so the actual trial and criminal responsibility ....whether children should be held criminally responsible. The student has done a great job in evaluating the trial but not so great in her evaluation of criminal responsibility in children, so i need to convey my thoughts and potential legal problems associated across to her without her becoming too defensive.

Must tell you, i have been reading this weeks Time magazine. it has an article on the 'Science of Siblings". Basically it goes on to say that it is our brothers and sisters that shape us the most. The investigators have stripped away all the data from the theories of genes...parents and peers and came up with "siblings". It's rather a long article, and touches on the favorite child....only children, sibling rivalry, the first born..middle child...youngest etc. From what i can tell it appears to have left quite a lot out,scenarios not controlled for, ie....not all families are the same. I wonder what you think?

till next time, Michelle.


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