Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Fat lot of Good :(

I'm pretty certain i already knew this, and have done for many years. However after reading the newspaper article on this womans plight, it really made me question, and think about ethics.

WOULD-BE mother Kylie Lannigan has been told she is too fat to adopt a child. Mrs Lannigan, 29, and husband, Dave, 37, are devastated after complying with three years of bureaucracy to become eligible. Mrs Lannigan, who is 170cm tall and weighs 126kg, ( around 225 pounds) lost 12kg in recent weeks. She was told to lose another 40kg ( 70pds i think! ). "They (two Department of Human Services adoption counsellors) came to see us for a second visit," Mrs Lannigan said. "And one of the women said everything was looking good and we would be wonderful parents, but that my weight was holding me back from adopting. "They gave me a BMI (body mass index) chart. "They said, 'You are here' and drew a dot on the chart and then said, 'When you get to here (85kg) give us a ring' and they would come and start the assessment again. "By the time I get down to that weight I will be too old - they're asking me to lose more than 50kg."
She has polycystic ovarian syndrome, which can lead to weight gain and difficulties getting pregnant. In 2000, she miscarried an IVF-conceived girl at 22 weeks. "We tried IVF again, but it wasn't successful," she said. "So we thought we would check out adoption." The Lannigans attended an information seminar in Melbourne and completed an adoption training program. They had medical, police and finance checks and a home assessment. "When we went to the seminar three years ago, I asked if my weight would be an issue and they said that was not a factor, but that my health might be," she said.

Now, i dunno people, i'm just thinking out loud here so bear with me ok. You see, to me, this just doesn't seem right.................compared to other instances. Women giving birth at 60 come this ok??? The parent may end up dying before the kid reaches its 10th birthday. Parents that come this is ok??? Parents that rule the roost with an iron fist...............shit, i have clients living with their parents (defendants) because the Dept believe its best for the kid!!! WTF??? LOL....uh huh, the risk of being beaten up by your
mother again out weighs being fostered out to a safe environment. Bloody hell :(( But its ok because your skinny and within the BMI!!! Insane!
See folks, in my head, i figure big deal, this woman is in a stable relationship with her husband, has been for 13 years, they own their home, and are busting their arse off to have kids. Surely a kid deserves a loving and safe environment to grow up in?? WTF makes this woman so inelligable that she and her hubby are refused the chance to care for a child??


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