Monday, July 30, 2007

Feet firmly planted

Over the last 2 years you've heard me mention my *fear* of living here by the ocean. The fear comes from the threat of cyclones. Having been forced to evacuate last year because of threat of a tidal surge, virtually cemented the fact that "I gotta get outta here"!!

Well, for the last few months i have been seriously considering on where on earth we'd move to. Do we stay here, and just move to a different suburb? If we do that then will "A" be able to attend the High School we wish her to go to? Will we be able to find something as nice as what we already have? Will we cope with living in *suburbia*, compared to only a few hundred houses in our little suburb? Do we move interstate? If so, which State? Will "A" cope living in a large city? What about the cold weather, we're so used to the tropics!! Then theres work to consider. My position at work has given me the opportunity to make myself *known*, provided me with the opportunity to be consistently invited as keynote speaker at various conferences, meetings etc. More importantly, its allowed me to utilise all the theory i have learned over the years.

Prices for homes on the beach here have topped the million dollar mark and are continually rising. I had an agent come and give me a valuation a few weeks ago and i was extremely happy with the figure.

Bottom line, no matter where we go, there will ALWAYS be a threat of mother natures warped and twisted weather patterns. No one is immune from the threat of storms, floods, fire etc, anymore. So having finally come to that conclusion, i/we, have decided to stay put and face whatever crazy arse weather mother nature has in store for the next 5 then "A" will be ready for University, and we can review again whether moving is a good idea.

So, now that the decsion has been made, its on with the chores around this house and garden.....URRGHHHHhh!!!!!


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