Monday, June 25, 2007

Rockin Awards

How exciting! That's Me, a "Rockin' Girl Blogger"! Well our dear friend Barbara thinks so. What a gal! Thankyou my dear, btw i love your new template, here's what she said............Michelle has a very cool job in the criminal justice system helping children. Her blog is a mix of entertainment, education (wait till you see today's post) and beautiful photography. She's an Aussie, and as we know like Canadians, Aussies are awesome.

Thanks! Now I get to choose 5 women bloggers worthy of the "Rockin' Girl Blogger" award - so if you get tagged, place your pretty pink badge on your site and then list 5 of your favorite Rockin' Girl Bloggers.

Meow Meow's a genuinely nice girl. She's warm and welcoming and always thinking of new ideas to make blogging fun :)

Lois Lois is the funniest woman blogger i have ever read. Not only funny, but a down to earth caring human being :)

Cathy Whilst we disagree on all things Al Gore! ( his environmental ideas) , i have much admiration for Cathy, especially her passion & honesty towards her chosen field, the environment :)

Connie Bright, welcoming, loving, sharing & caring all just some of the words i would use to describe Connie. Her blog is always filled with great photos, cool hints, and warm smiles :)

Gemmak Heh, she'll probably kill me because now she has to choose 5 female favs! Gem was the first ever person i read on Blogger, and we've remained in contact ever since. I love her blog for the ever changing templates, gorgeous photos and sheer honesty :)

So there you have it! I also want to include PBS, Melissa, Kylee, Clare, Ellee,Bonnie, R, Jen, Faith, Jenny, Alisa,Carol,Magz, Hannelie, Liza,Amy, Day, Chloe, Merle, Justine, Lisa, Jenz, Madi, Hazel, Heidi,Morgan, Taza, Poet, Lucy, Skye, and Jacks Mama :)


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