Saturday, July 14, 2007

It sucks to be me!!

Yes it does indeed! Don't mind me folks, just feeling sorry for myself. If i had a supportive mother, i could phone her, tell her about my week from hell, she'd console me, i'd feel better and thank her :o) Alas, thats a fairytale, for my mother would try to "one up" me, and in fact, it would be i who would play the supportive role. poor souls are the ones to wear my whinging.

All i can say is thankgod the week is over. Because i am an external University student, i have the option of studying through holidays etc, which is what i am doing at present whilst all other students are enjoying their time away. I'm trying to finsih this particular degree ASAP so as i can move on to new post graduate options, which is why i have been "missing in action" for much of this year. Part of my asssessment in one of the subjects i am taking ( Regulation & White Collar Crime), is/was, a "take home exam". I have done few before and most consist of 20 questions that require short answers. Not this time.........2 essays had to be written in 5 days, over 2000 words!!!! I swear i nearly keeled over when i saw what was required AND the restrictions on what i was able to write :(( So, this was last Friday afternoon. Saturday i spent grocery shopping and took "A" to see a movie, did some housework. All day, Sunday...Monday....Tuesday and Wednesday i spent on the essays. I take 3 weeks to write a 1500 word essay by the time i do my research, and 2 dummy copies, before i come up with one that is decent. Holy shit.........well i did it. I tell you though, both essays are crap.......and i am betting i fail this bloody subject. I still have a 3000 word paper to write on a failed regulation, i do however have a month to get that written.......whilst i do the usual weekly school stuff.......housework........etc :(( Yes, it sucks to be me.

Lets see, what else has contributed to my week from hell?? Saw Harry Potter 5......what a waste of money:( Easy to see the producer is different. Stupid girl in the pet shop didn't give me back my EFT card, i didn't realise till i was home and had to go all the way back :( My house looks like a cyclone has hit.............why is it if its not in its usual clean "display home" looking condition, folks think it gives them the right not to clean up......walk through with filthy shoes.....dump crap on the floor...........don't put dishes away etc.........shit i could go on!

Clothes are not folded and put away from the clothes line, instead all piled up in 2 laundry baskets ready to be sorted :( Garden needs attending to badly......its been windy and dried out all the lawns and pot plants :( Floors are filty need cleaning and mopping :( I had to work Thursday and in 5 working days, i had no time to do anything but write the stupid %&$#@ essays, and work.....which the bloody matter should have adjourned because the CCTV equipment crashed......leaving my client waiting 5 hours to give her evidence :(

I'm sure theses a bunch more when i dropped some files and a million papers fell out and i had to sort through them............when i forgot to put money in the parking meter, and realised when i was 6 floors up in the Court House!!!

But damn it, its good to be alive!


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