Thursday, July 19, 2007

Desperately Amusing

Darn tourists, catching our fish!!!

I'm an absolute fan of Desperate Houswives. I get a real laugh out of the women's extreme personalities, its mindless, harmless fun. This week was the final show for this season. Prior to "Eadie" potentially hanging herself (or did she???), "Lynette's" mother decided to pay the family an extended visit, rushing to Lynette's side to look after her and the family whilst she suffers the affects of chemotherapy. I swear to god, i have never laughed so much.....that woman ( Lynettes mum) is a clone of my own mother!!! Infact, if their appearances were similar, i'd swear it was her, i'd have to ring her just to make sure she was here and not on vacation in the States!! The narssicissm, and abrasive personality.......just like my own was like her voice coming out of this actressses mouth LOL.

Anyhow, it got me thinking about other personalities in my family. I have a number of sister in laws. One in particular drives me crazy, has done for 20 years!! She's the one where she delights in others misfortunes, rings around and tells everyone else. I swear the hardest thing i ever had to do was tell her, her son had stolen money from my purse. My car was in their nephews were playing basketball, and asked me to move my car. I gave the keys to the middle son and asked him to move it. My purse was on the front seat, i had a considerable amount of money in it as i was on the way to the bank. When i eventually got to the bank, half the money was gone. I was quite distressed, and when i got home, rang my sister in law and asked her to ask the boys if they had seen any money lying in the driveway.....or found any, just giving he boys an opportunity to fess up without me having to approach them. Nope was the answer. I knew one of them had to have taken it, so i phoned my sister in law again to let her know. My god, did i get a serve!!! Her boys were way would they ever do such a dare i accuse rude was i.........i need to apologise!!! Within a short amount of time....all the family...the extended family knew what a bitch Michelle was, to accuse her own nephews of stealing!!

2 days later i received a phone money had been found in one of the boys bedrooms. No nothing.........just a "you better come and get it".

Whats the most difficult thing you've had to tell one of your "not so liked" family members?


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