Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Kalidescope of Crap!

My piece of paradise by the sea :o)


I want to see the sea and palm trees :o)
I've lived in my 'house by the sea", for nearly 20 years. When i first moved here, there were very of us that actually lived here on a permanent basis, may opting to venture from town out here on the occasional weekend. Hence, many homes were used as weekenders, and looked like it! Those that "looked like it", still blended into the evironment well. Materials used were various types of timber, very opened planned and breezey.
These days, many of those old places have gone, bulldozed for new "you beaut" 2 story bricks and mortar homes. More recently, those newbies that have bought here, have turned to hideous colour shades to mark their facades. Next door ( i was going to take photos of these homes but my neighbours would be wondering i am taking photos of their homes LOL, i don't have the heart to tell they are damn ugly and i want the world to see!! ) bought the original house, gutted it and decided to paint it dark blue. They added a huge barn like garage and painted it dark blue also. To make things more ambiguous......they added a "Gilligans Island" like hut by their pool that sticks out like a sore thumb!!
Across the road and down a bit, they built a new home and painted it red and baby poo yellow!!
We also have one bight purple house in the next street, and one that is dark blue, bright yellow and orange :o)
WTF is happening here people??? How do any of these houses blend into the tropical environment?? None of them look like they're supposed to be by the sea, the circus maybe, sth america maybe.....nahhh, even the sth americans can do it right compared to this lot.
I tell ya, its "uglying up" ( is that a word LOL ???) my bloody suburb :((


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