Monday, September 10, 2007

Art For Arts Sake

The Coral Sea with Magnetic Island in the background, looking North to my place! I love how our beaches are never crowded. I remember a vacation i had in Melbourne a few years back at Christmas time. We went to Torquay ( a local, very pristine surf beach) with the was bumper to bumper on the Geelong road and when we finally arrived, i had to fight off 50,000 others for a grain of was my idea of hell................the locals loved it!!

So let me fill you in on all these photos. They were taken yesterday at the Ephemera ( Outdoor Art Exhibition) in town. There are 49 art exhibits.......very wild and bizarre, that are scattered along the 5 mile stretch of beach. "A" and i only walked 3 miles because we were starving for breakfast!!! When we came back, we were unable to get a carpark it was so busy. I am stuck in Court for the next few weeks so i will able to pop down here for lunch and see the rest. The restrictions on the pieces are that you must use natural or recyclable products and they must be made by hand. It really is all in fun!
There were quite a few of these along the 3miles or so we walked. Made from recycled fabrics and cotton.

This ones my favorite. I have no clue as to waht they represent. Its a type of hard plastic resin with a ping pong ball sitting in the middle!

This one is made from the bottom of plastic drink bottle containers.

It kinda looks like a wasps nest to me!

This one cracks me up. Its supposed to represent postcards!

You can stand in front of the metal frame and you're partner can take a photo of you. You are able to write on the blackboard a short note!!

The beautiful Coral Sea, a great way to spend a Sunday morning stroll :o)


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