Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Out of the Mouths of Babes..........

I think its safe enough for me to say, that "A" will not be following in her mothers footsteps and jumping into a career in law.
In fact, i think the phrase went something like this..... "Oh for gods sake, this place gives me the creeps, mum, lets get out of here NOW!!! I don't know how you can stand being around people like this, its awful, it reminds me of a dr's surgery ( how she derives at this i have no clue! ), its awful and icky.......get me outta here!!". ( "A"s experience of Magistrates Court on a Monday morning).

"A" had day off school yesterday........teachers had meetings etc. I had previously made arrangements for me sort my office out and have a short meeting with a lawyer from South Australia who works in a similar situation as myself. The lawyer was interested in how we deal with the kids giving evidence via CCTV in County Court and i was happy to lend my experience to her.
"A" has never ever been in the Courts here as i have always avoided it given the nature of the place. She is always asking if she can come with me to work and if i can give her the guided tour around a court room. Well she got her wish, although as you can see, i bet she won't be in a hurry to return!!


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