Sunday, February 15, 2009

Just Thinking...

My head is full of thoughts and questions at the moment; i need a place to them down.

* I feel for the woman who had Octuplets, no one deserves death threats. My thoughts are, that there should be legislation in place that states there will be no Government handouts to unemployed folk ( married, single gay or otherwise) who have more than 6 kids and become preganat yet again. More importantly, legislation forbidding IVF to unemployed single women who already have 6 kids.

* On kids.............13 and a father. Insane. When asked how he will support his child, the 13 yold gave a childs answer......"with my pocket money"!! The baby should be placed for adoption, there are millions of couples out there who would sell their souls for a baby. The parents of these 2 kids need a good kick up the arse......the kids themselves need serious educating.

* The CFA firemen that have fought fires in Victoria should be awarded Order of Australia words could ever express there heroism.

* The volunteers that have given there time in Victoria should be rewarded and never forgotten.

* Its fantastic to see politics being put aside..........i wish this could happen everyday.

* I hope Ingham flood victims are not set aside in wake of the Victorian fires.

* The media need to shut the hell up and only report on the positive aspects of the fires. Peoples grief and loss IS NOT ENTERTAINMENT.

*1 in 5 victims of the Victorian fires had any form of insurance........WHY?

* It should be mandatory to have insurance if you choose to live in places where there is a high probabilty of a natural disaster, in doing so we would cut back on Governement assistance.

* Ironic that one resident was fined $50,000 for clearing bush etc from his property, but his house was the only one left standing in his street.

* Back burning, controlled burning should be mandatory.

* Do i stay or do i go? Shouldn't be an option...........GO!


Blogger HLiza said...

The same headlines appalled me..and my kids are shocked and saddened by the pictures of the heart goes to them.

2:04 AM  
Blogger Lee said...

Don't start me!

9:14 PM  

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