Sunday, February 13, 2005

Lazy Sunday

Well people my weekend is drawing to a close and hasn't it gone quick. As i type this, i am listening to the sounds of "A" giggling and splashing in the pool. She's been amusing herself allday and just waiting for the edge to go off the sun before hoping in for a swim. I am so organised this weekend ( i am obsessively organised anyhow but sometimes i miss one or two things!!) and i even have a fresh lasagne cooking as i speak :)
I watched "Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind"....and loved it!!! Had a wander around my garden, did some chores, did some work AND i pigged out on pancakes for brekky this morning!!
Last night we'd finished dinner and "A" wanted to watch a dvd, so i told her i'd go do the dishes. Well i did, but i also got side tracked. I put the TV on whilst putting clothes away in my bedroom, a documentary was on about what the world is doing to more or less prevent deaths from tsunamis and how to be better prepared.
You know i should just switch off when it comes to shows like this, i am such a panic merchant and living 100 metres from the beach well it don't help none! It must have been the tail end i caught..the last 15 minutes. I bet they had already spoken about the "Pacific Plate" which rests on the eastern seaboard of Australia ( my side) and i had missed it, probably a good thing too because the pissy little amount that i saw has me in a spin and i am not in the firing line.
There were a bunch of scientists such as geologists...vulcanologists..marine experts etc from around the world. Each giving their take on bits and pieces. They went to Africa to a place called LA Palma. La Palma has dozens of volcano's both active and extinct. They showed an extinct one and it was literally filled with rain water. This also occurs to "live" ones. What happens is the water heats up to boiling and blows. Now they showed a model of what is likely to happen...and they did stress IT WILL HAPPEN, its just when, stressing that tsunamis this size happen once in every 100,000 years.....the last one this size was exactly 100,000 years ago and the one before it also 100,000 years so we are due for one NOW!!! OK, so the volcano blows......setting off the travels 8 hrs across the Atlantic ocean heading towards the east coast of America. The size of the waves are minimal until it gets within around 500 ft of coastline, then by the time it hits...............50metre waves (3feet to a metre) will hit. The damage would be catastrophic.
See i keep tellin you all.................the weather is changing everywhere.........spooky.


Blogger Jennyta said...

Ha! We're only half way through our weekend over here - 8.15 on Sunday morning AND the sun is shining! (just). We are working today, mind you, so it doesn't really matter what day it is except we only do 10 till 4 on Sunday. Enjoy your evening.

6:18 PM  
Blogger Erratic Prophet said...

I love nature shows. Or I should say, natural disaster shows. You learn nifty little tidbits of information from them.

I didn't know that about volcanos. Fascinating.

2:37 AM  
Blogger Zette said...

I saw the documentary you spoke of about 2 weeks after the Dec. 26th tsunami, and was quite impressed by the data they had presented. Oddly, I don't catch discovery enough, and neither does many of my family or friends, but THIS EPISODE, it seems everyone was talking about!!! Especially because of the Western Africa Volcano's likelihood of creating a tsunami that would wipe out much of the eastern seaboard of the USA. Scary doesn't even begin to describe it, but what can you do? Shit's gonna happen and I for one, don't want to live my life in fear of the things I CAN'T control. I fear enough of the thing I CAN control. LOL! Glad you have had a nice weekend. Wish I was there enjoying the HOT weather, dipping in the pool....or better yet, the ocean!!! Take care!

5:06 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Jen~ You work on Sundays? It's a day of rest ....go put yer feet up!

EP ~ Me too, i lean't quite a bit in the 15 mins or so i watched.

Zette ~ LOL...i hear ya...i have trouble also controlling things i am able to! I am a real worry wart...i worry about everything and everyone...just me i guess...i'd feel odd if i didn't worry. Ocean is too warm...pool is more resfreshing !! Come on down...always room :)

8:10 PM  
Blogger riskybiz said...

My 10 year old son has my wife in a uproar by reading magazines about nature.
We watch Discovery and before you know it, I can't eat tuna and breath the air between June and September.
It's easy to get carried away.

12:56 PM  

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