Wednesday, April 27, 2005

To be Gay or not to be Gay?

Okay, following on that bit further from yesterdays post, i often have wondered about homosexuality.
You see, i have a theory. I know many gay people, both male and female all living in different types of lifestyles, some with kids some without. One thing is blatently obvious, they all enjoy their lives. My theory is that gays come in categories. Infact, i think all except one category should be called gay. You see i believe there are *TRUE* gay people, these can be either male or female who KNOW at an early age...i'm talking early teenage years, even though they may not have admitted to it. Then there are the classic women who say they are *gay*, these women have previously been married, in a domestic violence relationship, got out and then formed the opinion that all men are scumbags, turn to another woman for comfort and support and are now miracuously *gay*!! The next category of course would swing both ways, can't make up their minds or women? Another category is of late teenage boys, who test wether or not they are *gay*, they live the lifestyle for a year or two, decide it aint for them and women are a pretty good deal after all.
What's your theory? Am i wrong? Prove me wrong.
See i think the the key to being gay is a hormone thing. I believe its biological, at birth. True gay people are born. How can you be gay all of a sudden at 45, when you have never had homosexual tendancies before? All of a sudden you get out of a toxic relationship with a man then viola!! you all of a sudden meet the woman of your dreams...she understands what you were going through she' s the best thing since sliced bread!

Now before i get lynched here, i am not for one thing saying any of this is bad or that i am against homosexuality. I am merely voicing my opinion and am interested in reading yours :)


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