Sunday, May 01, 2005


Thanks to 'Erratic Prophet', she left this meme for me to steal!

1. The world could do without : politicans!

2. My favorite blonde is : my daughter

3. Why wont people : use their brains

4. When i was five : my brother was 0ne

5. There's a girl i know : who married an old guy just for his money ( no not me..LOL)

6. High School was : a blast

7. What worries me the most: my daughter

8. You know i'm lying : when i laugh

9.If i do anything well its : communicate

10. If i ever go back to school : Hey hang on, i don't think i ever left!

11. I will never forget : many things ( so watch out)

12. If you ever visit my suburb : you'll see the sea!

13. What i miss most about the 80's : is the partying

14. Once at a bar : i hit a guy over the head with a bar stool

15. I once met : a Prime Minister


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