Thursday, May 19, 2005

Me,Myself & I

Well i managed to watch that god awful piece of crap i spoke about yesterday. I don't know, is nothing in this world sacred anymore? Even crime is now being turned into reality tv. Audiences voting on whether someone is guilty or innocent.....i still can't believe what i was watching. It turns out, 90% of people believe she's innocent. Me? I believe in "beyond reasonable doubt", if she were tried here that's exactly where the prosecutors would fall down...they can't prove she did it. No evidence. I have my suspicions.........

I popped in on a friend of Lois's today, "KATE" from Corporate Peon. Kate has a cool blog and of course is Lois's buddy, so it can't be all bad..........can it?!!
Whilst spying on Kate, i saw she had this cool little thing!

20 years Ago :
I had a job as a dept manager in a chain store
I had a steady boyfriend called Peter
I had a yellow holden gemini (car)
I lived with my mum and dad
My brother was a pain in the arse
I had loads of friends, we used to party

15 years Ago:
I was finishing college
I had a job as a dept manager in a different chain store
Peter was gone
My brother was still a pain in the arse
My mother and father were divorced
I was living with my fiancee
i bought a new car
My load of friends went down considerably as did the partying

10 years Ago:
I got married
I travelled overseas
I moved to another State
I bought a house
My brother was still a pain in the arse
I had a baby
My father passed away
I was a "stay at home mum" with no job
I missed my friends

2 years Ago :
I still live in the house i bought
My baby turned 8
My brother is still a pain in the arse
I have a new career
I started back at University
I visited friends and family for Xmas in my old home State
I bought a new car

Today ............
I have just turned 42
I'm still in the house
My baby will be 10 this year
I am still studying at University
I miss my family and friends ( some of them)
I love my work
I am amazingly independant
I am an introvert
My brother is STILL a pain in the arse!!


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