Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Where did the sun go?

Finally i get the chance to post something.
It's been a busy time here, and it would be so much easier if the overnight temps were that little bit warmer. It sure makes getting out of bed difficult, and you know its cold when your pussy is hogging the covers! Yes, i know i'm a wimp, 45dgsF is not cold you may say, well it sure is when your used to 85F overnight! Hey at least the days warm up. We are still having 80dgs during the day, however my house has already cooled down. When your surrounded by glass and ceramic tiled floors it takes forever to heat up and cool down.
Before i forget i wanted to thank "LISA" from "Serendipity" for telling her blog readers about the "Bitty Browser". If you guys look over to the right you'll see the teeny browser in the side bar. I have it set on the "Australian Institute of Criminology", only because its my home page on my computers and i use it on a daily basis. You can have it set on anything you like...go have a play!!
Finally i had some good news to pass on to clients today. Remember my post on the jury who found 5 men not guilty of murder, but of manslaughter after they killed a young man in a drug deal gone wrong. Well today they were sentenced. One guy got 14 years, another 12,another 2 11 years and another 9. They were also forced to sign a "tendancy to violence" clause. This means they must serve 80% of their good behaviour, no nothing. Well, it sure was a lot more than we all expected. I thought at the most, perhpas one would get 8 years and the rest less. Thank goodness for the judge we had.
I am off to watch a show on tv after i finish here. I find it rather revolting actually, but curiousity won't keep from it.

I am sure you have all heard of Shapelle Corby by now. She is the Australian woman being held in a Balinese prison after being caught smuggling 4.1 kgs of cannabis into Bali from Australia.

Basically, there is a studio audience with tiny computers, and they indicate when she's lying etc after being played transcripts of her interviews and court appearances. For those watching at home like myself, you get to phone in At the end, you have to indicate whether you find her guilty or innocent.

She in actual fact is being sentenced next Friday. If found guilty, she gets the death penalty......firing squad. Although, i myself feel she'll be found guilty, i reckon they'll allow her to come back here to serve a lengthy jail term.

So i am off to rug up and watch the 3 ring circus on the tv unfold!


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