Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Mixed Bag!

Ihave been a busy sausage the last 2 weeks. Deadline for my Uni paper on global institutions is due on Friday and thankfully i have as i type this just finished it. It was no where near as stressful to write as my first one on multiculturalism. I guess i am used to adding graphs and tables to my papers ( thanks to Madi ) so when it came to this one it wasn't as traumatic. So as of this coming weekend i have 3 weeks to complete my paper on youth suicide in Australia. I am actually looking forward to it, i have already done my layout and bunch of research, using Marx's theory of alienation so i am hoping for a decent overall mark for this subject.

Since i have been busy i have not had too much to blogsurf, but i did manage to find on "J"s site a recommendation of his.....http://www.postsecret.blogspot.com it is truly amazing, and i intend to spend hours searching through these cards when i get a chance. Do yourself a favor!! I found another link on "Lois's" blog, http://complimenter.blogspot.com...........i think it's hilarious!

Is anyone recieving loads of spam in their blog "chatterboxes"?? I am about to remove mine, just click on and check out how much spam is on there.....unreal.

I see Lyndie Englund has plead guilty to her charges of abusing Iraqi prisoners. I was fortunate enough to see an interview with her a few months back. I found her to be quite a cold young woman. She certainly admitted what she had done, and also stressed she had been following orders. I tend to look to myself when issues such as this arise.."what would i do"? I guess as i have got older my attitude to many things in this world has changed. Personally, if my boss ordered me to inflict pain or do something that was going to humiliate another humanbeing my conscience would get the better of me. Even if i was told i would lose my job, i couldn't do it. To do it with a smile on my face as she has done, just sends chills through me.

Much talk here in Oz at the moment about the Australian ( who has been living in CA for 13 years ) hostage in Iraq. Argument surrounds Australia sending troops over to rescue him and the government intervention. Some say this man should be rescued and negotiations need to be done to secure his safety. Others like myself believe that if you are prepared to accept a job in a country such as Iraq,you know the risks, be paid unbelieveable amounts of monies then your safety is your own responsibility. You can't expect others to put their own lives at risk to save you.

Well , i have had my whinge so i am off to do some "thinking"...night all :o))


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