Sunday, July 16, 2006


Funny how the bloggersphere becomes a graveyard on the weekends. We're all out doing our own thing on the weekends which is a good thing. I have "A" hovering waiting for the chance to jump on here for a couple of hours of gaming fun.
The last two nights my sleep has been interuppted by some wacked out dreams. I'm a light sleeper at the best of times, this causes me to have bizarre dreams or nightmares, and usually upon waking, i'm struggling to remember what the contents was. Friday night, i can recall around 6 separate short dreams. I remember all being very strange, some i think, were actually nightmares, however i can't recall all the contents. I have had very limited sleep these last few weeks, with work, school holidays and University papers, and i find myself wanting to wind down somewhat by watching the telly in bed or reading before i turn off the light, so it can be midnight some nights before i'm asleep. Last night, i had music coming in from the house across the road, the dog barking next door, drums being played at the back of the house (it didn't affect me, but how "A" slept through it all i have no idea) and music to be heard from a distance away!!! So it was all happening. I went to bed at 11pm, with the above seranading me. I woke at 5am, having dreampt i had an old car that was falling to pieces, i was younger than i am now, single never been married, was working a manual job and had been invited on a 3 day cycling, and train trip to..............the desert...i think......with some guy named Steve Parish ( he's a well known artist here in Oz) and a bunch of young people. WTF????? LOL! What on earth could this mean?
I remember having to sell my clapped out car to raise $500 for the trip. Then i think on the first day, i ran away in fear of something to do with the cycling bit of the trip, i remember getting back home, pissed off that i had sold my wreck of car, and now i was $500 worse off, but also glad i had come back. Very odd dream.

till next time, Michelle.


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