Thursday, July 13, 2006

Honey, we're killing the Kids

Iwanted to share with you my thoughts about a television show that was aired for the first time in Australia last night. I would just about bet it's a spin off of a show already on air in either America OR the UK. Us Aussies are incapable of coming up with decent ideas so they appear more often than not, to use others ideas.
The show, "Honey we're killing the kids", uses real life families, whose dietary habits are extremely poor. It basically provides an insight into these families lives, eating habits, family bonding etc. It also provides the parents with an insight as to what their kids will look like in the future if they keep eating the same type of diet they're eating today. The families are provided with suggestions of altering the lifestyle and diets, and are monitored for 3 weeks.
At first, i was reluctant to watch this show, having seen snippets for the last few weeks, really upset me. I had a feeling it would be very cut throat, the kids leading sad lives filled with low self esteem and "food issues". There was nothing much else on, and "A" wanted to watch it, although she was forewarned that the tv would go straight off if i felt it was becoming way too emotional.
I was wrong, infact pleasantly surprised. "A" has a fairly healthy diet, a good breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, she snacks in the afternoon when she comes home from school.......not healthy stuff either....chips, or an ice cream or savoury crackers. Her diet does consist of veggies and fruit on a daily basis, and chicken,meat,fish,rice or pasta..........depending on what i feel like cooking. I never fry foods, they are usually baked or grilled. "A" hates soda (soft drinks), she drinks water or milk......or flavored milk,all in all, i'd say her diet is lacking in some areas.
The kids last night, my goodness. How they were not bouncing off the walls, is beyond me. The boy, not too certain of his age...lets say 9. The only vegetables he ate all week was one potato! No fruit. His regualr diet consists of chips, chicken nuggets, pancakes smothered in mayple syrup and chocolate sauce, steaks with the fat on it, sugary cereals etc, donuts and anything else that contains fat and sugar.
The girl, 11, the only veggies in one week she had eaten were one potato and a handful of fruit at all. She too had a diet just like her brothers.
Australia has an average expected life span for a woman, to be 84, and a man 78. These kids were expected to live...the boy to 69 and the girl to 76, if they continued on this path.
This shocked me. I had actually expected their life spans to be much lower, especially after watching an interview with a few pediatricians from the UK earlier on in the week, discussing young kids vomiting "shit" and yes i mean shit, because of their high fat no fruit and veggie diets. Are you hungry?!!
So friends, what's your diet like?!

till next time, Michelle.


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