Friday, July 14, 2006


hilst in the mall today i was approached by a University student with a clipboard. He asked if i'd be interested in answering a question or two on immunisation. Well, not one to refuse to preach my opinion, of course i obliged. The questions related to whether i was immunised as a child, if i had children were they immunised, whether i believed that children who were not immunised should be allowed into day care fascilities and lastly whether or not i believe school children should or shouldn't be immunised against common diseases. After answering the questions, i ask how many he had already approached. He told me over 600 people so far, and whilst he was not going to fully reveal his findings with me, he did say that around 85% of those surveyed had answered "yes" to the question, "if you have children are they immunised"?
So my dear blog friends, do care to share your thoughts and observations? For the record, i answered "yes" to myself being immunised..."A" being kids being immunised. I answered "NO" to the daycare question. I am of the belief that Australia is void of all thse diseases because the majority of babies/children have been immunised. I have other reasons also, but that would be my main reason without creating another post!!

till next time, Michelle.


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