Monday, April 20, 2009

Illegal Immigration

Well, my idea of a new change of "theme","colours" etc, inspiring me to write more often, has not provided me with the time needed to write more often it seems :( however, i am here now.

Illegal immigration into Australia has been brought to the fore yet again by the recent tragic events of the boat load of Afgani asylum seekers, brought to Australian shores by Indonesian people smugglers. I have such mixed emotions.....

* Australia must be known ( falsely) for recieving refugees

* life must be be terrifying in your own country to risk your own life and the life of your family, in a clapped out fishing boat,crossing dangerous seas, after handing over your life savings

*to be of the opinion that its better to die at sea, than die in Afganistan

* Australias policies have taken a soft turn with the new government

* policies need to change, the waiting time to gain refugee status to Australia must be cut shorter , no wonder people resort to illegal methods ( i believe its a number of years at the moment)

* it needs to be broadcasted to potential illegal immigrants and refugees, that coming to Australia by boat will see you being turned away


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